Behind the Ballot: An election day voter

Kaylee Rosario, who voted on election day

Kaylee Rosario studied all weekend before she waited in a line of 10 people Tuesday afternoon.

Rosario’s fellow voters at the Gainesville Shrine Club voting precinct were just as focused as she was, she said.

All she could hear was the sound of pens scribbling on ballots as she voted “yes” on all 12 amendments on the ballot.

The 21-year-old UF plant science junior said she voted for Democratic candidates but cared more about the amendments.

Rosario, who considers herself to be a left-leaning centrist, said there are just too many Republicans in office.

The amendments to the state constitution will affect Floridians just as much as the next governor, she said.

“I think the amendments get pushed to the side because a lot of people I talked to didn’t have much knowledge on the amendments,” she said.

Not every vote was an easy yes, Rosario said. She was hesitant on Amendment 6, which combines unrelated issues. The amendment, which passed, would strengthen the rights of crime victims but raises the retirement age of judges to 75.

She felt voting “yes” was better for everyone in the long run because it gives more people a voice, Rosario said.

“I’m thinking basically you have to pick the lesser of two evils,” she said.