Behind the Ballot: Canvassing for Ted Yoho’s campaign

Tiffany Berkley, who volunteered for Ted Yoho's campaign 

Tiffany Berkley started knocking on doors in high school.

She grew up in Crestview, Florida, a panhandle town surrounded by five military bases, the 20-year-old UF biomedical engineering junior said. She spent time canvasing through the neighborhoods in 2016 for Matt Gaetz when he ran and won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Berkley said she learned to be confident in conversation as she knocked on doors through beachfront communities of the Panhandle.

She said her experience has driven her to knock for U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho as he ran for reelection in District 3.

Over the past week, she said she spent about 18 hours knocking on more than 500 doors for Yoho’s campaign.

Instead of slammed doors, Berkley said she was greeted with more smiles.

“People are happy to see a young face — regardless of ideology — be active in the community,” Berkley said.

Berkley said she approaches every door looking to share the values of her candidate with the residents behind them. She wants every individual to understand the conservative beliefs she and Yoho stand for.

“There is a reward in knowing and learning the community, but also the people who shape the community,” Berkley said.

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