Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputies put a May mystery to rest Monday after arresting a Hawthorne man for burglarizing a residence on at least four separate occasions.

Deputies responded to a call about a suspected burglary May 22. The owner of the residence returned home to find all of his doors unlocked. Deputies discovered boards covering a hole in a wall that once held a water heater had been removed, according to the police report.

Douglas Atkinson, 64, was caught on a remote camera, used for tracking game and installed by the owner of the home, entering the house through the hole. Review of further footage revealed Atkinson entering the home on three other occasions, once May 16 and twice May 20, according to the report.

Atkinson could be seen taking a stainless steel sink, pieces of plywood and a television throughout the footage.

After conducting a pawn shop history search, deputies found Atkinson pawned a chainsaw April 27. While not corroborated by his camera footage, the homeowner was able to confirm the chainsaw was also taken from his residence, according to the report.

Law enforcement arrested Atkinson at his home where the sink and television were recovered. Atkinson denied ever taking the chainsaw that led to his arrest.

Atkinson was charged with burglary, fraud, dealing in stolen property and larceny. Atkinson was released on bail as of Wednesday.

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