Police catch suspect in skimming credit card scheme

Ricardo Silva De Oliveira

A Boca Raton man was accused of cloning six people’s credit cards after a months long Gainesville Police investigation.

In May, Ricardo Silva De Oliveira, 30, of Boca Raton, was seen on an ATM camera at a Newberry Suntrust Bank, at 5080 W. Newberry Road, placing a credit card skimming device on the ATM, according to a Gainesville Police arrest report.

Later that morning, he attached another skimming device to an ATM at a Haile Plantation Suntrust bank, at 5303 NW 91st Drive, the report said.

A skimming device collects credit or debit card information from users which is later put on a cloned credit card, the report said.

He retrieved the device later in the day and had collected information on four people who used the Newberry ATM and two who used the Haile Plantation ATM, the report said.

In security footage, Silva De Oliveira was the passenger in the car he used which showed he had an accomplice, the report said.

Suntrust was familiar with Silva De Oliveira because the organized group he was with places skimming devices on it’s ATMs throughout several states over the past two years, the report said. The organization has amassed nearly $1 million in fraudulent acts.

A bank employee who reviews ATM footage for known skimmer suspects saw Silva De Oliveira on tape, the report said. The employee immediately froze the accounts that had information stolen to prevent Silva De Oliveira from defrauding them.

In two previous police skimmer cases from September 2017, Silva De Oliveira and his accomplice were identified from surveillance video at the Newberry Suntrust and a branch at 3814 NW 43rd St., the report said. They defrauded Suntrust for more than $13,000.

Both suspects are Brazilian residents and are staying in the U.S. on visas.

Silva De Oliveira was charged with criminal use of personal information; scheming to defraud and obtain personal property; and use of a scanning or skimming device, the report said.

He remained in the Alachua County Jail Monday in lieu of a $950,000 bond.

Josephine Fuller is a fourth-year student studying journalism and women's studies. She is originally from Hialeah, Florida. When she's not watching Bob's Burgers she's probably playing with her cat, Marley.