The governor-themed cereal boxes designed for anyone who donates more than $40

A UF alumnus turned iPhone app developer is using cereal to get students to the polls in November.

James Predelus, a 24-year-old UF marketing 2015 graduate, launched a Kickstarter campaign  Monday to raise voter awareness and fund the Android version of Ue2ue, a ride-sharing app for college students to find rides to their hometowns for holidays. 

Predelus will send a Florida-gubernatorial-candidate-themed cereal box to anyone who donates at least $40 to the campaign, he said. The goal is to raise $100,000 in 60 days.

He designed the boxes himself and will assemble them when he receives donations, he said. He plans on filling the DeSantis boxes with Kix cereal and the Gillum boxes with Frosted Flakes cereal. 

Each box will cost him $10 to make, and donors can choose which candidate box they want, he said.

Predelus is encouraging students to use the app to request a ride to their polling places on Nov. 6. He and other drivers on the app will be offering free rides, he said. 

Predelus, who is from Fort Lauderdale, said every election is important but gun reform hits close to home this year. 

“Florida is in a state where we need someone who can answer the call for us,” he said.

Branden Reis, a 19-year-old UF political science sophomore, is excited to vote in his first general election and said the Ue2ue cereal boxes combine humor with politics.

“He really hit the nail right on the head with this concept,” Reis said. “They’re pretty accurate, too.”