“Turlington Dancer” Dennis Kane got in trouble with the law, again, Wednesday.

He was accused of trying to fight a Gainesville Police officer and telling the officer that he’s “laying down the law.”

At about 8:40 p.m., an officer approached Kane, 43, of Gainesville, outside the Swamp Restaurant, at 1642 W. University Ave., according to a GPD arrest report.

The restaurant’s manager called police multiple times throughout the day to complain about Kane’s behavior that was causing a disturbance outside the restaurant, the report said.

Kane told an officer, “I’m untouchable,” when the officer approached him, the report said. When the officer tried to speak to him, Kane took a step back and became tense.

Kane then yelled, “I dress you guys down. You follow my law,” the report said. The officer thought Kane was going to attack him.

Multiple witnesses were seated quietly in the patio of the restaurant during the incident, the report said. After being handcuffed, Kane apologized for his behavior.

He was charged with breaching the peace, the report said.

In August 2017, Kane was banned from UF’s campus for three years after students complained about his aggressive and loud behavior. He was previously banned for three years in 2012 for threatening students.

Before he was banned, Kane was known for dancing in Turlington Plaza in colorful shorts and shirts, throwing peace signs and talking to passing students.

Kane was released from the Alachua County Jail Thursday afternoon on his own recognizance.

Kane told The Alligator that he was raising awareness for a international environmental movement called Extinction Rebellion.

He also said if the officers did not stop him when they did, he would have given them a “combination uppercut and tornado kick” and they would have been “knocked out cold in no time flat.”

Katherine Wallace-Fernandez, 20, covers crime and breaking news for The Alligator and is a third year English major from Miami, Fl. She likes avoiding homework, taking naps, playing on her Nintendo Switch and reading.