UF students and faculty want to see building improvements. A new bill may help.

More than 60 buildings at UF were built before 1960 with the average building being 36 years old.

These buildings contain both interior and exterior issues, including electrical work, plumbing and fire safety, said UF spokesperson Steve Orlando.

“There are many areas that could use improvement on our campus,” Orlando said.

A new state bill filed on Feb. 6 may alleviate some of these issues.

Rep. Chuck Clemons, a Republican from Newberry, is introducing a $38.1 million bill this legislative session. The bill addresses some of UF’s infrastructure needs, Orlando said.

The bill was filed in the Florida House of Representatives and then referred to the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee Feb. 8. It will need to pass favorably within the subcommittee to be voted on in the House.

Clemons filed another bill on Feb. 6 to fund about $13.3 million for UF’s new School of Music building. If successful, both bills will go into effect July 1.

Each year UF is allocated money through the General Appropriations Act. The bill provides funds for various agencies in the state government to pay for salaries, buildings and improvements as well as other expenses.

The amount allocated to UF varies from year to year, ranging between $45 and $59 million in the past five years.

It is unclear what infrastructure will be targeted by Clemons’ bill, but several structures on campus are due for improvements, Orlando said.

“We’re very grateful for any support from the Legislature that will help us address our well-documented deferred maintenance needs,” Orlando said.

Clemons could not be immediately reached for comment.

Miranda Bradley, a 20-year-old UF psychology sophomore, said she hopes to see infrastructure improvements within the UF psychology building.

She says she regularly spends time in dark, cramped classrooms with no windows and navigates confusing hallways in the rundown facility.

“The psychology building is not really a place for psychology majors to study or hang out,” Bradley said. “Buildings for other majors have much more of that type of environment.”

Faculty are aware of some of the issues concerning the building and would like to see potential changes in the future.

“It is an old building and there has been conversations over the years about renovating it,” said Ron Chandler, a lecturer in the psychology department. “But we’re not at all sure what the status of that idea is.”

Jesse Dallery, a UF psychology professor, said the best solution may be a new building altogether.

“Some faculty and student offices are not even in psychology due to space limitations,” Dallery said. “I’m not sure improving the existing building is the answer.”