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2700 SW 13th St Gainesville, FL 32608

Editor Morgan McMullen

Engagement Managing Editor Bailey LeFever

University Editor Sarah Stanley

Metro Editor Baylie Cainas

Sports Editor Mark Stine

Assistant Sports EditorChris O'Brien

Editorial Board Morgan McMullen, Bailey LeFever,
Sarah Stanley, Baylie Cainas

Photo EditorTaylour Marks

the Avenue Editor Emma Witmer

Copy Desk Chief Gabby Valenti


Display Advertising

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Advertising Director Shaun O'Connor

Advertising Office Manager Cheryl del Rosario

Intern Coordinator Ellen Light

Sales Representatives Lucy Baez, Alejandro D'Agostino, Natalia Martinez Parra, Bismarie Plasencia, Jamie Alexander, Ruben Riera, Charles Fenwick

Classified Advertising

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352-373-FIND (Voice), 352-376-3015 (Fax)

Classified Advertising Manager Ellen Light


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352-376-4446 (Voice), 352-376-4556 (Fax)

General Manager Patricia Carey

Assistant General Manager Shaun O'Connor

Administrative Assistant Lenora McGowan

President Emeritus C.E. Barber


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IT System Engineer Kevin Hart


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352-376-4446 (Voice), 352-376-4556 (Fax)

Administrative Assistant Ellen Light

Comptroller Delia Kradolfer

Bookkeeper Cheryl del Rosario


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Production Manager Christina Cozart

Assistant Production Manager Robert Carroll

Advertising Production Staff Taylor Brker

Editorial Production Staff Jordan Bourne, Adam Turner


College is a time of big changes for anyone. There are a lot of major decisions to make.You …

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