Are you already stressed about this semester? Let your emotions out and rage to pop punk and emo music Saturday night at the Wooly.

The monthly event features music reminiscent of the mid-to-late 1990s and early 2000s pop and emo rock sound. Artists like Blink 182, Dashboard Confessional, Green Day and Panic! At The Disco frequent the speakers at this event.

Pop Punk and Emo Night began in 2014, but did not truly take off until the end of 2017 when we found out exactly the direction we wanted to take the party, said Vijaya Seixas, the 31-year-old event coordinator.

Seixas was inspired when his business partner, James “Jimbo” Rountree, 31, was craving different music from the same songs that constantly played at the nightclub where the two worked at the time.

When they created the event, they unknowingly tapped into the inner angst of pop punk fans, not only from Gainesville, but across the state. Seixas said he has had attendees come up from as far as South Florida to take part in the event.

Arrows and Action will rock the stage Saturday, with special guest vocals from Gainesville native Quil Cauchon, who only performs with the band on Pop Punk and Emo Nights. The set list for Saturday will consist only of covers. Those planning to attend can suggest songs on the Facebook event’s discussion page.

Cauchon, 22, said “Helena” by My Chemical Romance and “MakeDamnSure” by Taking Back Sunday are two of her favorite covers to perform.

“The beauty of the event is that there’s so much good material, we don’t have to play bad stuff,” she said.

Tatiana Baker requested “First Date” by Blink 182. She said she hopes to hear music she grew up with Saturday.

“I’m tired of clubs with the same songs playing on repeat,” the 19-year-old UF pre-nursing student said. “I’m excited to go to something that’s different than the usual, and throwback to middle school awkward phases.”

Baker is not the only one hoping to bask in the nostalgic music of years past. Arnon Khantawang, 24, will be attending this event for the fourth time this weekend.

“It is just the songs of high school,” Khantawang said. “Like these songs are just feelings of the youth and fun of high school and middle school.”

Jesse Frimmel, Arrows in Action’s drummer, said this type of music also influenced him growing up.

“We know we're not Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance,” Frimmel, 24, said. “But (we) try to do a really good job of learning the songs almost note for note so that it really feels like you're there.”

Seixas expects 500 people to attend. Doors open at 9 p.m., and the musical performance starts at 10 p.m.

The event is open to those 18 or older. Tickets cost $5 for attendees who are 21 and over and $8 for attendees under 21.

If planning to attend, be sure take Frimmel’s advice and stock up on black nail polish and eyeliner.