National Burger Day

Mayflower Cellars restaurant frequently posts food trucks throughout Gainesville.

Mayflower Cellars threw quite the “patty” Tuesday, celebrating National Burger Day at First Magnitude Brewing Company via food truck.


Typically offering various artisanal meats, the truck’s Tuesday menu featured its best burger combinations. The Avenue put these burgers bun-to-bun to see which would be crowned king.


The Island Burger:

This sweet burger was composed of a signature beef patty, jerk seasoning, pineapple salsa, grilled onions, mixed greens and lemon garlic aioli between a challah bun. It had a complex contrast between the sweet pineapple and onion, was juicy, well-seasoned and cooked flawlessly. The bun was firm despite all of its juicy contents.


Mayflower Cellars chef Cade Goulin said, “The island burger is my favorite. The tropical flavors and fresh pineapple salsa make it better than the rest.”

Price: $9

Rating: 10/10


Curry Burger:

This unique burger was made of a curry chicken patty, muenster cheese, grilled onions, pickles, mixed greens and lemon garlic aioli with a challah bun. The curry taste was subtle and tied the flavors of the other ingredients together nicely. The onions added a sweet crunch as well. This burger was much better than expected.

Price: $8

Rating: 9/10


Classic Burger:

The Classic Burger featured a toasted challah bun stuffed with a classic beef patty, American cheese, tomato, pickle, red onion and mixed greens. This burger is pricy for what it appeared to be, though the size and taste justified it. The patty was perfectly cooked and the mixed greens tasted really fresh. Mayflower Cellars’ crispy fries compliment this burger very well.

Ashley Putlack, a 20-year-old UF marine science junior said, “I highly suggest putting the fries in the burger.”

Price: $8, or $11 with fries

Rating: 9/10


The Island Burger was crowned the burger king. However, if tropical burgers aren’t for you, Mayflower Cellars’ diverse menu has a different flavor combination for every burger lover.