Audiences will leave "Us" with more questions than they had going into the theater.

“Us,” Jordan Peele’s new horror film, is sure to leave you in awe. Generating $70 million, “Us” is definitely one of 2019’s best films.

Adelaide Wilson  (Lupita Nyong'o) returns to the beachfront home she grew up in as a child with her husband (Winston Duke) and two kids (Evan Alex and Shahadi Wright Joseph).

After overcoming a childhood traumatic event, Wilson’s gut said something was wrong. She felt as though someone was after her and her family, and she was right.

But the people after them were their exact clones. As they try to escape their clutches, the Wilson family quickly learns they’re not the only people who have killer dopplegangers.

The clones seem to be a part of an experiment that was ultimately successful, but the souls could not be replicated, which results in the clones’ connection to their originals.

It’s as though they’re looking at a mirror, but all they see is the worst of themselves. Peele’s film seems to insinuate that we are, in fact, our own worst enemy.

Left behind by their creators, the clones were hidden from the world in underground tunnels, depriving them of the outside world. But, one clone discovered the world above.

Jealous of everything she did not get to experience, Adelaide’s clone, Red, was determined to give herself and her fellow clones the life they deserve.

Throughout the film, viewers will feel lost and have a plethora of questions, but the answer to the biggest question is in front of you all along.

The cast was superb. Each actor played an average person and a cold-blooded killer. It was amazing to see the cast switch from being a loving family to thirsting for blood. Most of the character’s doppelgangers did not speak. There are a variety of scenes that show each mirror-image killer in awe of what they were deprived of while down below.

Although the film obviously ends, audiences will continue to theorize with friends as to how the events really happened.

Overall the film was great, and I recommend it with a 10 out of 10.

And with that being said: Well done, Jordan Peele, well done.